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With an area of around 20 square kilometers and a total investment of more than 3 billion Yuan, Lingshan Craftsman Town is an AAAA scenic spot in China, the first characteristic town and key projects in Jiangxi Province. It is China’s first large artisan culture town integrating craftsman, craftsmanship and originality. The project successively won “Oscar Skyscraper Award of the 5th Tourism and Entertainment Industry in China”, “Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Town in 2018” and “Excellence Award of Cultural Integration and Creativity of Jiangxi Province Cultural Creativity in 2018”. 

The project includes Chuxi Street, Shangrao’s first cultural street, which is a camellia oil workshop that integrates oil extraction, craftsmanship interaction, tour and entertainment, Grand House Shangrao, a five-star resort hotel, a happy world that integrates parent-child entertainment, education and academic research, ShiLiFengHe, an Anhui-style ecological habitat industry with Chinese characteristics.

With a total planning area of more than 67 square kilometers and dozens of slate-gray Ming and Qing houses, Chuxi Street aggregates renowned craftsmen, striving to a truly cultural street featuring multiple business forms including traditional craftsman experience, unique cuisines, leisure and entertainment, craftsman workshop and folk performing arts. 


Five phoenixes tower was built in the KANGXI years, nearly 300 years ago. Five phoenixes, take the top of the gate of five pairs of wing Angle straight into the shape of the sky, spread the wings of peng fei meaning, dwelling on the family talent. Five phoenix tower, the highest institution for the qing dynasty house, its original owner, is the Qing dynasty a product by government people  WANG YUNDUN. In those days, it was built for filial piety to its mother. Today, the five phoenix towers stand on the Banks of ZHUXI river, guarding the city. It is not only the peak of Hui-style ancient construction culture, but also an important platform for SHANGRAO cultural.  


Ancient stage -- the building of filial son with thousand-year-old charm, the four rivers returning to the hall, shows originality, restores the ancient folk customs and customs, and recreates the scene of the good drama.


Lingshan artisan town traces its cultural charm, with an annual passenger flow of over 4 million.



Based on the concept of the world’s leading amusement industry and designed by China’s topmost design teams, Yitian Joy World is a fantasy world of intellectual fun and creative experience to delivery happy parent-child journeys and express an implication of “sweetness”. By integrating discovering nature, parent-child events, interaction with pets, research and academic education, professional experience and development training, Yitian Joy World is a perfect place for you to wander in breathtaking landscapes and enjoy amusement experience of all themes, striving to become China’s first theme park for amusement experience and research and academic education.


Tea Oil Workshop

With an area of 3,600 square meters, Tea Oil Workshop integrates oil extraction and production, artisan interaction and sightseeing tour. The entire building is completely integrated with the nature. Outside the window is zigzag mountains, which generally looks like a tea mountain. There is a camellia garden on the roof where camellia trees, oil tea trees and other tea trees. Stroll around the workshop as if you are wandering in the ancient world of tea oil to feel the charm of China’s extensive and profound oil tea culture. Tourists may also be personally involved in oil extraction with the help of experienced artisans. 

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