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Headquartered in the world financial center - Shanghai, Shanghai Yitian Cultural Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group corporation for national development, with more than 20 subsidiaries and more than 5,000 employees.

With cultural tourism as its core industry and Shanghai as its development center, the Group is committed to developing five major industries, which are characteristic ancient towns, large-scale landscape performance, resort hotel, recreation and entertainment as well as characteristic livable industries. The Group has successfully expanded its businesses in Jiangxi, Anhui, Guizhou, Guangdong and Jiangsu.

Grand House Shangrao is another industrial architectural landmark established by Yitian Cultural Tourism Group in Shangrao City. Designed by internationally renowned designers, Grand House Shangrao finely integrates architectural style with natural elements. It is an industrial complex and a landscape. With a total of more than 20 Anhui-style ancient houses, handmade tea oil workshop, an intangible cultural heritage and classic gardens with Chinese characteristics, it is surely a proper place for experiencing ancient culture. The distinguished ecological landscape featuring top-notch craftsmanship and cultural charm is striving to restore the tranquility and romance in the south of the Yangtz River.



By taking the spirit of “enjoying landscape, exploring mind and looking into the future”, Grand House Shangrao provides tourists with an unparalleled cultural experience. Inheriting oriental wisdom and eternal aesthetics, Grand House Shangrao is committed to creating a cultural arena with tolerance, warmth and inheritance where tourists can take a relax in the artistic conception and taste the beauty of life.  

Located in an ancient town with a long history and profound cultural deposits, Grand House Shangrao is to rebuild a modern aesthetic life with Chinese characteristics in an architectural complex with historical, cultural and regional aesthetic characteristics. Being sincere, we are exploring regional culture and local customs, aiming to create a totally different lifestyle implying life wisdom and aesthetics and create a journey for tourists to local customs and colorful experience. 


Grand House Shangrao is near by the Lingshan mountain, which is known as "the 33rd blessed land in the world". It is about 25 minutes' drive from SANQINGSHAN airport and SHANGRAO high-speed railway station, and about 15 minutes' drive from downtown SHANGRAO.




Leisure spot

·National AAAA Scenic spot - [lingshan] is about 13 kilometers away, about 15 minutes drive

· National AAAA Scenic spot  --- [lingshan craftman town] is about 2 kilometers away, about 2minutes drive

· Joyful world  --- [YITIAN joy world ] is about 1 kilometers away, about 2minutes drive

·Web celebrity rural -- [flower thousand valley] is about 8 kilometers away, about 10 minutes by car

· Intangible cultural heritage handiwork -- [tea and oil workshop] in the hotel, about 5 minutes' walk

Scholar Ancient House, which is in the center of Grand House Shangrao, is the hotel’s most representative Chinese ancient building with mortise and tenon structure, and it is originally a mansion of the Chen Family, a family with scholars who advocated “Officialdom is the natural outlet for good scholars” in Anhui Province in the early Ming and Qing dynasties. Powder wall, black tile, horse head-shaped walls and zigzag high walls reflect the characteristics of antique scholars’ mansion in Anhui Province. The beams with historical, artistic and scientific value, accompanied by components such as pillars, square-columns, beams, purlins and rafters vividly demonstrate China’s traditional architectural culture.


Our hotel has a total of 155 luxury and culturally themed guest rooms. The Anhui-style buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties in the hotel are exquisitely repaired and renovated by Yitian artisans, and they are accompanied by nearly a hundred old trees transplanted from different places to jointly restore the ancient cultural charm of Anhui. Province. Our hotel is surrounded by waters in Chuxi, and spectacular buildings exhibit twists and turns along the waters one after another, with landscape from everywhere accessible to tourists. 


Room Features

· New Chinese style decoration design, simple and elegant    

· Intelligent customer control system, comfortable life is under your control         

· Kingkol system    

· restful sleep Service


Our hotel features a full-day specialty restaurant with both Chinese and western cuisines and luxury private boxes with Chinese characteristics. Whether it is international cuisine, or local snacks, our chefs will be here for making you uniquely delicious food. Committed to the inheritance and development of Chinese cuisine culture, our hotel will serve you healthy food with the concept and technique of health maintenance to meet your diversified demand for food while regulating your physical functions.


Our hotel is equipped with a multi-functional banquet hall, two conference rooms and 600-square-meter outdoor lawn. Our hotel will provide you with worry-free conference, banquet and outdoor training experience. Our experienced conference managers and professional banquet teams will create a beautiful memory about food and culture for you.



The fitness center of our hotel is equipped with facilities for weight training and aerobic exercise for you to have physical training as freely as you wish. And you may also swim freely in the crystal clear water of swimming pools, bath in warm sunshine and feel gentle breeze. Or you can talk happily with your friends in the tea rooms while enjoying beautiful scenery. 


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