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There was a hundred-year-old hotel named REVE Ya in Annecy along the Alps River. The host Louis was an Asian French. His ancestor ran business here all the way along from Anhui but unfortunately his business failed because of war and he even could not return to China. What he only possessed was a wood-carved plate cut off from a bed that was given by his wife (Ya). Because of his homesickness, he, who had to be settled down in Annecy after failure in business, lived on continuously carving plates, which, luckily, were favored by local residents. Inspired by his ancestor, Louis kept collecting wood-carved plates and turned his hotel into a uniquely featured hotel.

The Group insists on cultural inheritance, so the President hopes to perpetuate Anhui people’s stories of simplicity and honesty, sustainable persistence and perseverance and adhesion to roots. He met Louis in France and was deeply touched by the story of his ancestor, so he started to collect antique wood carvings in the cradle of Anhui and integrated regional culture, Oriental aesthetics and service quality of luxury hotels to create a distinctive hotel featuring cultural inheritance called Yalux.



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