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Shanghai Yitian Cultural Tourism Development Group

Headquartered in the world financial center - Shanghai, Shanghai Yitian Cultural Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group corporation for national development, with more than 20 subsidiaries and more than 5,000 employees.

With cultural tourism as its core industry and Shanghai as its development center, the Group is committed to developing five major industries, which are characteristic ancient towns, large-scale landscape performance, resort hotel, recreation and entertainment as well as characteristic livable industries. The Group has successfully expanded its businesses in Jiangxi, Anhui, Guizhou, Guangdong and Jiangsu.

After 16 years of development, Yitian has become a leading diversified group corporation in China. Since it was founded, the Group has adopted three development strategies of “Industrialized Operation, Diversified Investment and Professional Management” and established the business philosophy of “Dare to be the First with Enterprising Spirit”. The Group has been seeking for continuous innovation in product and business form by integrating regional characteristic cultural resources and implementing the brand strategy of cultural tourism, with an international vision and professional standards for its corporate mission of “cultivating moral quality and contributing worldwide”.

As the first company to create a characteristic cultural tourism product series that integrate landscape performance, star-rated hotels, commercial streets and happy world, the Group is making every effort to create a new cultural carrier of China’s performance culture, aiming to trigger a new trend of cultural tourism and become a modern cultural tourism enterprise characterized by unique core competitiveness, strong industrial propeller and nationwide brand image.



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The diversified brand highly concentrates Yitian family’s wisdom and strategy. Five major product lines of Yitian Cultural Tourism Group, characteristic ancient towns, large-scale landscape performances, resort hotel, entertainment experience and characteristic livable industry, embody Yitian family’s wisdom. A diversified future-oriented development strategy has taken shape. Led by strategic pattern, Yitian is expected to be driven by cultural tourism and seek simultaneous progress for all industries, striving to become the model of cultural tourism industry in China.

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